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The Best Book of Spaceships

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Age 5-8
Grade PK-3

Ian Graham

The Best Book of Spaceships

Paperback (Kingfisher Jan. 1, 1998) , Reprint edition

This engaging series is tailored to young children's interests and reading level. Lively text explains the basics of a popular subject, while intriguing facts are brought to life through detailed and informative artwork.

From the rockets that took humans to the moon to the satellites that circle Earth today, The Best Book of Spaceships by Ian Graham is a supersonic journey into space. Aspiring young astronauts will love this book full of essential facts about the solar system, rockets, spacecraft, satellites, moon landings, and life in space.

The Best Book of
0753461676 / 9780753461679
4.0 oz.
7.2 x 0.1 in.

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