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The Best Book of Whales and Dolphins

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Age 5-8
Grade K-2

Christiane Gunzi

The Best Book of Whales and Dolphins

Hardcover (Kingfisher Sept. 15, 2001) , 1st Edition

The Best Book of Whales and Dolphins introduces children to these mysterious, intelligent, and elusive animals that fascinate children all over the world. Evocative text and realistic, detailed artwork help the young reader understand the differences between these marine mammals, and offer an amazing insight into their reputation for intelligence and their ability to communicate. Also covered are the migratory journeys of various whale species, how whales and dolphins nurture their young, and the acrobatic exploits of the agile dolphins. Includes an illustrated glossary and index.

The Best Book of
075345369X / 9780753453698
15.2 oz.
9.59 x 0.4 in.

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