Age 10-13
Grade 4-6

Louise Spilsbury

Inside the Special Forces

Paperback (Lucent Books Jan. 15, 2019)
The U.S. Army Special Forces is an elite group of soldiers whose work is often classified. Although their missions are often secretive, their heroism is widely known, and readers are sure to be captivated by this inside look at what the Special Forces do and how someone can join their ranks. Detailed sidebars, eye-catching fact boxes, and helpful graphic organizers support the informative main text to present a comprehensive picture of Special Forces soldiers. Featuring full-color photographs of these heroes in action, this thrilling reading experience is designed to inspire young people who are interested in a military career.
Covert Careers: Jobs You Can't Talk About
1534566384 / 9781534566385
5.1 oz.
7.2 x 0.2 in.

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