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American Ace
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Marilyn Nelson
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Dial Books
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Marilyn Nelson

American Ace

Hardcover (Dial Books Jan. 12, 2016) , First Edition edition
This riveting novel in verse, perfect for fans of Jacqueline Woodson and Toni Morrison, explores American history and race through the eyes of a teenage boy embracing his newfound identity

Connor’s grandmother leaves his dad a letter when she dies, and the letter’s confession shakes their tight-knit Italian-American family: The man who raised Dad is not his birth father.

But the only clues to this birth father’s identity are a class ring and a pair of pilot’s wings. And so Connor takes it upon himself to investigate—a pursuit that becomes even more pressing when Dad is hospitalized after a stroke. What Connor discovers will lead him and his father to a new, richer understanding of race, identity, and each other.
0803733054 / 9780803733053
11.2 oz.
5.8 x 0.6 in.

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