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Southeast Indians Coloring Book

Age 8-14
Grade 3-8

Peter F. Copeland

Southeast Indians Coloring Book

Paperback (Dover Publications Aug. 6, 1996) , Clr Csm edition
When the first European explorers and settlers landed on the southeastern shores of North America, they encountered natives with the richest and most advanced levels of culture north of Mexico. Over time the descendants of these ancient peoples formed such famous nations as the Creek, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Seminole. The native population also included lesser-known tribes, among them the Timucuas, Quapaws, Catawbas, and the Chitimachas — many of which are extinct today.
Artist Peter F. Copeland documents the remarkable, and often tragic, history of these people in this carefully researched coloring book. Thirty-seven excellently rendered illustrations depict ancient burial platforms, the funeral of a Choctaw chief, Natchez warriors of 1758, Seminole women preparing a meal, Chickasaw warriors serving the Confederacy (1862), a modern Mikawuki Seminole alligator wrestler, and more.
Of great interest to young students of Native American history, this excellently rendered volume will entertain and inform coloring book enthusiasts of all ages.
Dover History Coloring Book
0486291642 / 9780486291642
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8.0 x 0.2 in.

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