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The Story of World War I Coloring Book

Age 8-18
Grade 3-12

Gary Zaboly

The Story of World War I Coloring Book

Paperback (Dover Publications June 19, 2013) , Green ed. edition
Starting with tranquil scenes of prosperity that were shattered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and concluding with the signing of the Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, this dramatic coloring book traces the history of "the war to end all wars." Thirty-five realistic illustrations depict Gallipoli, Jutland, and other momentous battles; the introduction of gas, machine guns, and other new weaponry; Mata Hari, Lawrence of Arabia, and other famous figures; and a chronological view of historic events.
Dover History Coloring Book
0486497917 / 9780486497914
5.6 oz.
8.2 x 0.5 in.

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