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Sorcery and Gold: A Story of the Viking Age

Age 7-11

Rosalind Kerven, Simon Brett

Sorcery and Gold: A Story of the Viking Age

Paperback (Cambridge University Press Oct. 1, 1998)
A major reading scheme for the teaching of reading and the development of literacy throughout the primary years. Ingrid and Kjartan live in the troubled Viking Age: danger is everywhere and no stranger can be trusted. So what should they do when a foreigner comes knocking at their door, begging for help? The law-makers are hunting him down as an evil criminal, but he insists he is innocent. As they struggle to discover the truth, the two children are swept up into a terrifying adventure and a desperate race against time. Sorcery and Gold is one of eleven books that make up Extended Reading Level B, for children in Year 6/Primary 7. This phase of Cambridge Reading has an increased provision of extended narratives and aims to develop children's knowledge about language, its vocabulary, forms, structures and styles. This book's Viking setting means it can be read in conjunction with the KS2 History syllabus.
Cambridge Reading
0521468787 / 9780521468787
7.8 oz.
5.1 x 0.5 in.

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