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Earth Magic, Sky Magic: Native American Stories

Age 7-11

Rosalind Kerven

Earth Magic, Sky Magic: Native American Stories

Paperback (Cambridge University Press Feb. 13, 1999) , 2 edition
In these 18 Native American stories, you can meet the Sun, travel to the Moon, fly with the Thunders and discover what lies at the bottom of the Great Mystery Lake. Laugh at the crazy antics of Old Man Coyote, and be amazed when wise Spider Woman appears from nowhere to rescue people in trouble. There are illusions and shape-changing tricks, talking animals and monsters, and lots of really strange adventures to set your imagination spinning . . . Earth Magic, Sky Magic is one of eleven books that make up Extended Reading Level A, for children in Year 5/Primary 6. This phase of Cambridge Reading aims to develop children's knowledge about language, its vocabulary, forms, structures and styles, and motivate them to enjoy reading. This book provides children with good examples of the short story form.
Cambridge Reading
052163525X / 9780521635257
4.5 oz.
6.0 x 0.4 in.

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