Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Heather Moore Niver

Ancient Aztec Daily Life

Paperback (PowerKids Press Aug. 15, 2016) , Reprint edition
The ancient Aztec people didnt have grocery stores or shopping malls. How did they get their food? What was their clothing like? Readers discover the answers to these questions and many more as they explore the lives of the ancient Aztec people. The detailed main text provides an informative look at Aztec daily life, allowing readers to compare their life in the present to life as a member of the Aztec civilization. Full-color photographs and historical images accompany the text, helping readers visualize these essential social studies curriculum topics. Readers gain additional information from carefully chosen primary sources.
Spotlight on the Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations
1499419007 / 9781499419009
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6.9 x 0.3 in.

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