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J. D. Douglas

Bleeding Heart

After months of sitting beside her frail, ailing son, Lisa could think of nothing but good times ahead. But before one wound heals, destiny unravels another hardship.Theresa Parker, a determined social worker, comes to remove Lisa’s child from her custody. Now, Lisa is in more anguish than ever, trying to cope with the idea of some stranger caring for her baby, not knowing what to do to convince the judge that the care she has always given her son is the only care he needs.Troubled by everyone scrutinizing her character and parental style, Lisa fails to realizes that it’s her insecurities and emotional turmoil that jeopardizes her and her son’s reunion, it’s her high-strung nature that positions her against those in power. Through trials and reflection, Lisa learns that the only way to remedy her problems is put her son’s needs before hers, and to forfeit the security she’d spent a lifetime trying to cultivate.

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