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    Willy the Whale: Short Stories, Games, and Jokes!

    Uncle Amon

    language (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, Feb. 1, 2015)
    Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for beginning readers, and is jam-packed with stories, jokes, and more?Follow the adventures of Willy the Whale! This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story contains an important moral and lesson. Cute and bright illustrations for younger readers, puzzles, jokes, a free coloring book!These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family!Excellent for early and beginning readersGreat for reading aloud with friends and familyFun short stories that are great for a quick bedtime storyFunny and hilarious jokes for kidsFREE coloring book downloads includedBonus activities: puzzles and mazesThis books is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home.Story List & Activities:Willy the Whale Discovers His TaleSafety FirstThe Pod Moves ForwardWilly Meets HumansWilly Learns to SingFunny JokesPirate MazePirate Maze (Solution)FREE Coloring Book DownloadsWHAT A GREAT DEAL! => 5 STORIES, JOKES, AND A COLORING BOOK!Your child will be entertained for hours!Each story contains an important lesson for strong character development in children.* FREE GIFT with your purchase! *(see inside for link)Free membership to the Uncle Amon Book Club and 3 free books for children!Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!100% Money Back Guarantee
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    LOL: Funny Jokes and Riddles for Kids

    Johnny B. Laughing

    eBook (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, March 16, 2015)
    Funny and Hilarious Jokes and Riddles for KidsAlso available in PAPERBACK and AUDIOBOOK formatJohnny B. Laughing provides children with lots of fun and laughter with his hilarious and silly jokes. Young readers will have a blast sharing this awesome collection of jokes and riddles with their friends and family! This children's joke book will have youngsters rolling on the floor with laughter and is sure to be a great gift idea for any child. Inside you will find silly and corny jokes, riddles, wordplay, and humor. Also included are some fun mazes for an added bonus!Makes a wonderful birthday gift or holiday gift for kids and joke lovers!100+ funny and hilarious jokes and riddlesChallenging mazes and puzzlesMakes the perfect gift for early and beginning readers"Another instant classic joke book by the world-renowned comedian, Johnny B. Laughing"From the book...Q: What did the salt say to the pepper?A: Hey! What’s shaking?♦ ♦ ♦Q: Why did the car get a flat tire?A: There was a fork in the road!♦ ♦ ♦Q: What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark?A: Frostbite!♦ ♦ ♦Q: What do cows make during earthquakes?A: Milkshakes!♦ ♦ ♦Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?A: He was feeling crummy!Funny and hilarious jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adults!The Joke King, Johnny B. Laughing, is back with another worldwide mega-bestseller. He decided to remaster all of his joke books and recreate and update them all with even more funny and silly jokes for you to enjoy. The Joke King's collection makes a perfect gift for early and beginner readers, kids ages 6-10 (and up), and even makes a few silly adults chuckle every now and then. These jokes are perfect for text messages, status updates, and a few funny laughs in between.Scroll up and click 'buy' to start laughing-out-loud today!
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    Crabby the Crab

    Dr. Mc

    language (Dr.Mc, May 21, 2016)
    Are your children refusing to go to bed? Are you searching for a good, educative, yet soothing bedtime story? Is your older child experiencing jealousy towards younger siblings? Are they refusing to engage in mutual activities? This book is right here to help you show them joys of playing together! Adventures of Crabby the Crab and his little sisters will deliver an important moral and message to both older and younger children while providing entertainment for the whole family. You will also enjoy lovely, bright and soft illustrations. This book is great for read aloud at home, before bedtime or as a part of your family time. This children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories, jokes, games, and more? This children's storybook has it all! WHAT A GREAT DEAL! FUN SHORT STORY, GAMES, ACTIVITIES, A COLORING BOOK INSIDE LINK AND FREE GIFT Your child will be entertained for hours! Fun for the entire family! Kids and children can practice their reading skills or have a parent read it aloud. This special story includes lessons and morals about about caring and love. What's include inside :Special Bonus Free Gift!Free ColoringCraby The CrabJust For fun ActivitiesWord SearchWord Search SolotionsGames and Maze PuzzlesGames and Maze Puzzles SolutionsJokes FunnyAbout the AuthorKINDLE UNLIMITED & AMAZON PRIME members can read this book for FREE!This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home with friens and family. Also can use as a bedtime story.Excellent for beginning and early readersShort story with pictures that are great for a quick bedtime storyIncludes "just for fun" activitiesPerfect for a bedtime story for kidsFun games and puzzles includedBig and cute illustrations for early and younger readersFREE coloring book downloads includedFREE GIFT INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE!Free children's book download included! (see inside for details)
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    Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt

    Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds

    eBook (Candlewick Press, July 12, 2011)
    Judy and Stink co-star in their second full-color adventure — crawling with pirates and puzzles, carbuncles and chuckles.As soon as the Moody family drops anchor on "Artichoke" Island, they are greeted by Cap’n Weevil, a one-eyed buccaneer with a scraggly beard and a secret treasure map. Before you can say "Davy Jones’s Locker," Stink and Judy are racing across the island in search of gold. But—shiver me timbers!—they’re not the only salty dogs lookin’ for loot. Can Mad Molly O’Maggot and Scurvy Stink beat out their rivals, Tall Boy and Smart Girl? Can they find the hidden clues, crack the secret codes, and solve the tricky puzzles before time runs out? Aaarrr!
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    Marvin the Very Tall Bear

    T. A Unwin

    language (, Oct. 18, 2015)
    Marvin really doesn't enjoy being so tall. It causes him all sorts of problems, such as not being able to sit at the dinner table or fit through doorways. So one night he makes a wish to not be so tall anymore - which, unfortunately, comes true...'Marvin the Very Tall Bear' is a delightful story aimed at very young children, by the same author who brought to life 'The Hedgehog Who Wanted a Hug'. Filled with simple but colourful illustrations, this short book has all the makings of a firm bedtime favourite.
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    The Tale of the Clownfish and the Great Shark

    Lily Lexington

    language (, Aug. 19, 2012)
    If you like stories by Maurice Sendak, Jon Klassen, Dr Seuss and P D Eastman then you will love this beautiful clownfish tale told by Lily Lexington.Jack is one clownfish that will say yes to any dare, no matter how silly or crazy it is. When Ozzie the Octopus dares him to steal a tooth from the Great White Shark, Jack starts swimming down to his lair....The story ends with a great lesson about friendship that all parents will love.- Beautiful illustrations with many humorous scenes.- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest.- Your child will love to read this story over and over.Pick up your copy today!
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    Spike the Dinosaur: Fun Short Stories and Jokes for Kids

    Uncle Amon

    language (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, Jan. 25, 2015)
    Cute Short Stories and Dinosaur Jokes!Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for beginning readers, and is jam-packed with stories, jokes, and more?Follow the adventures of Spike the Dinosaur! This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story is full of adventure and excitement with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers.These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family. Also available in paperback and audiobook formats!5 fun short stories for kidsExcellent for early and beginning readersGreat for reading aloud with friends and familyCute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime storyFunny and hilarious jokes for kidsThis book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home or school.Story List & Activities:HatchingIt’s Time to Face ChargerThe EscapeNew FriendsMonstersDinosaur JokesScroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!
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    Childrens Books: Lucky The Lion Cubs Quest

    John Ulutunu

    language (, Oct. 19, 2015)
    We're Off On An Adventure!If you want an amazing children's story, jam-packed with suspense, excitement and great life lessons for your child... then look no farther!! Lucky is a little lion cub who has an itch for adventure and mystery. You'll meet some amazing animals on your journey through the African Jungle, make great friends and have lots and lots of laughter. So what are you waiting for?! Click the "BUY NOW" button to start your adventure!
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    Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit

    Arlene White

    language (, Nov. 20, 2015)
    Rattles grows up with wild cats, and doesn't heed any of their warnings. When Rattles gets sick, a major change takes place. Get "Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit" to find out why Rattles was the odd-ball cat in the group. Suitable for ages 4-9.First book in series!
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    100+ Knock Knock Jokes: Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

    Johnny B. Laughing

    eBook (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, Sept. 30, 2014)
    Hilarious Knock Knock Joke Book for Kids!Are you looking for a fun book to keep the kids entertained and happy? This funny joke book for kids is excellent for early and beginning readers. Laughing and jokes have been proven to have positive mental and physical effects on the body!This books is especially great for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home.100+ knock knock funny jokesExcellent for early and beginner readersHours of fun and entertainment for kids and childrenGreat for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloudFunny and hilarious knock knock jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adultsBONUS INCLUDED ==> FREE Joke Book Download101 Funny Jokes (see link inside)Download a free joke book with purchase of this book!From this Funny Knock Knock Joke Book...Knock knock!Who’s there?Tullos!Tullos who?Tullos all your secrets!LOL!Knock knock!Who’s there?Amy!Amy who?I’m always Amy for the top!HAHA!Knock knock!Who’s there?Yule!Yule who?Yule never guess!LOL!Knock knock!Who’s there?Juno!Juno who?Juno how long I’ve been knocking on this door?HAHA!Knock knock!Who’s there?Allison!Allison who?Allison to the radio every morning!Best-Selling Author ~ Johnny B. LaughingThe Joke King is back with another hilarious joke book full of funny, laugh-out-loud, crazy comedy and MASSIVE assortment of knock knock jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adults. This awesome joke book for kids is easy to read and full of laughs!WARNING: This funny joke book will cause you to laugh hysterically!Scroll up and click 'buy' to start laughing today! Tags: funny knock knock jokes for kids, funny joke, funny jokes, lol, jokes, food, joke book, knock knock book, ebook, books, funny, knock knock jokes, ebooks, funny jokes, kids, haha, hilarious, children, joke, kid, funny jokes for children, kids books, childrens books, childrens book, kids book, kids books, funny knock knock jokes, joke book, food book, joke books, hilarious, lol, laughing, laughter, knock knock, funny jokes, funny joke book, book for kids, kindle book, kindle ebook, joke, jokes, jokes for kids, jokes for children, knock knock jokes, knock knock jokes for kids, funny jokes, jokes online, comedy, humor, early reader, jokes, jokes and pranks, jokes for kids, knock knock jokes for kids free, free knock knock jokes for kids, short jokes, funny kids jokes, free joke books, free joke books, great jokes, jokes for children, best joke book, stupid jokes, children joke books, beginning reader, laugh, laughter, funniest jokes, ages5-12, ages 6-8, ages 9-12, comedy, humor, preteen, young adult laughing, kids comedy
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    What The Fox Learnt

    Aesop, Ripple Digital Publishing

    language (Ripple Digital Publishing, June 13, 2011)
    Four fox tales from Aesop's fables presented with modern illustrations: The Fox and the Crow, The Fox and the Goat, The Fox and the Grapes and The Fox and the Cat. These are short stories that are fun and easy to read. Each story is summarized with a moral that you might have even heard of.
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    Bees Like Flowers: a childrens book

    Rebecca Bielawski

    eBook (Rebecca Bielawski, Nov. 19, 2014)
    BOOK 2 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books. Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. Illustrations using vivid colours include many real flower species which children may recognise from their garden or have seen growing in the wild, 3 of them are named at the end of the book too. The narrator shows us what these fascinating bugs have been getting up to in her garden.What we can learn:concepts: Simple ideas about the life of a bee Bees are insects Some common flowers: Daisy, Poppy, Sunflowernew words: Insect, Pollen, Nectar, Hive, Honeycomb, Blossoms PAGES: 26WORDS: 262LEVEL: Preschool to 6yrsOther books in the series: Meet Bacteria! Travelling SeedsMUMMY NATURE series – nurturing children's curiosityEach book in the series is one mini nature lesson wrapped up in colour and rhyme. These books are intended for very young children including toddlers and will give them just a glimpse into some of the wonders of the natural world. Illustrated for maximum vibrancy and visual impact, using rhyme to engage young minds and encourage participation. Read the rhymes to your children and soon they will be reading them to you!The narrator is a small child and keen observer who tells us in short rhyming phrases everything she thinks we should know, and all about the magical things she sees around her. Sometimes she is camouflaged in the long grass and other times she has to climb a tree to get a better look.
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    One Cat, Two Cat, New Cat!

    Michele Keyes, David Keyes, Ammar Degas

    eBook (Willie Winkie Books, LLC, Feb. 22, 2013)
    Kids and adults alike love this charming story of a cat that just won’t give up in his search for a new family! Ocho and Ono are not excited about the idea of letting another kitty friend into their perfect lives, but Tiger refuses to take no for an answer.You’ll cherish the clever rhymes, the engaging artwork, and the unforgettable story about how three cats become great friends. Be prepared for your kids to ask for this story over and over again!
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    Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet

    Suzanne Pollen, Simon Culverhouse

    language (, June 29, 2015)
    This is the first adventure of our two hero's Dinosaur and Monster. This time out the two lovable characters embark on a visit to the carpet shop as Monster's old carpet has a hole in it, unbeknown to them the new carpet that Monster has purchased is no ordinary rug. With the help of Magic Fairy to their delight they find out about it's magical capabilities and have great fun putting their amazing find through its paces.
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    Illustrated Would You Rather?: Jokes and Game Book for Children Age 5-11

    Dr. Shh

    eBook (, Jan. 16, 2019)
    Looking for a perfect gift book with JOKES, SECRET GAME, AND ILLUSTRATIONS? Here you go!Would you rather swim faster than a shark; or speak in the voice of any person; or have a magical giant flying dragon; or create an odd superhero—Broccoliman? With this book, the options are limitless.Boys and girls of all ages love miracles. This book is full of magical creatures. Among them are dinosaurs, giant sea monsters, weird beasts, smart, friendly, and rare animals.The main hero of this book tries unusual hobbies, breaks sports records, visits remote countries, tastes strange meals, solves dangerous puzzles, and finds himself in the shoes of his favorite cartoon characters.As kids choose WOULD YOU RATHER crazy scenarios, they're sure to get the giggles! Moreover, every silly joke in this book is hilariously illustrated!Many kids of age from 5 to 11 years old enjoy coming up with their variations of these scenarios. It helps them to improve logical reasoning skills, skyrocket creativity, and develop a brilliant sense of humor.There are many important life lessons in the “YES or NO” Crazy Questions Game. At the same time, silly riddles and questions are extremely funny, especially because they are related to scenarios from the beginning of the book.The answers are often unexpected, thought-provoking, and fun to read together, even for parents, grandmas and grandpas, teachers, and elder siblings. Therefore, the whole family, church, or class will enjoy playing this cool quiz game.In this book, your boy or girl will discover:80 Silly “Would You Rather” situations which will often make little kids cry with laughter40 Ultra-funny unique hand-drawn illustrations picturing every single scenarioCrazy Questions Game with 80 sensational “Do you believe it or not” questionsMind-blowing answers with often surprising explanationsGold mine of information related to the scenarios—references to some of the oddest marvels which happened in different places of the worldand much more…Please also click the book’s cover to use Amazon’s ‘LOOK INSIDE’ feature and check out the wonderful illustrations of this funny picture book and see the examples of scenarios.This book is a corny bathroom reader and a top gift idea for the best friend’s birthday party, holiday, and even without an occasion.It's also an awesome read for a kindergarten, elementary school, backyard, beach, park, other outdoor space, summer camp, waiting room, airport, train station, boat, plane, metro, bus, car ride, and so on. It contains some of the best entertaining backseat road trip activities for kids.The readers even told me it could have become an award-winning book if there was such a thing as a crazy game-book award. So I’m sure your sons and daughters will love to read it!And let me tell you something else! A few children even used it as a coloring book and emailed me some jolly drawings of the book’s main hero. It was very touching, indeed!Some moms and dads use these one-of-a-kind scenarios as lunchbox jokes for kids, which was another unexpected idea for me.Please, check out the reviews and you'll see even kids and teenagers give their feedback. So it's definitely recommended as a gift for 5-11-year-old boys and girls.Thus, if you want to make your kid laugh like a hyena, then scroll up and click the “Buy now with 1-Click” button to get your book instantly!
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    Emerald the Mermaid: Cute Fairy Tale Bedtime Story for Kids

    Mary K. Smith, Princess Children

    language (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, July 7, 2015)
    Emerald was the most beautiful mermaid in all of Mermaidia. Because she was so beautiful and kind, the other mermaids were jealous and made fun of her. Emerald had no friends until one day when she met Flip-Flop the dolphin. That is when her life completely changed!Find out what happens next...Excellent for beginning and early readersGreat for reading aloud with friends and familyIllustrated story book great for a quick bedtime storyThis book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Also available in paperback and audiobook formats!Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!
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    Jeremy Billups

    language (Billups Creative LLC, June 3, 2015)
    In this delightful and silly story written and illustrated by Jeremy Billups you'll get to meet a bear with a beard and tag along as he becomes rich and famous, wins beard-wrestling matches, gets knighted by a queen and meets other animals from all over the world with their very own beards.How long is this bear's beard? Are there really other animals with beards? And what exactly is this bear keeping tucked away in his beard? This picture book about kindness is perfect as a children's bedtime story and for fans of humorous books that encourage imagination and play such as Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Sciezka and Lane Smith, and Oliver Jeffers' Stuck, The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Lost and Found, and This Moose Belongs to Me.
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    I Don't Want to Eat Bugs

    Rachel Branton, Tim Petersen

    language (White Star Press, April 5, 2016)
    Bugs are for the birds!Lisbon is hungry and it’s hard to wait for dinner. When her animal friends try to help her find something tasty to eat, the real the problems begin! Join Lisbon on her funny misadventures.Each beautiful illustration is designed to inspire the imaginations of children. An activity page at the end of the book allows for more fun as they search for special items in the illustrations.This version of I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs has been designed specifically for ebook with a fixed layout and larger text for easy reading. While this is a great read-aloud book for parents, teachers, and other adults to share with children, we have chosen fonts that are similar to the way children form letters for easy recognition as they begin to read on their own. The print book is also available in 8.5” x 11” format.Author’s Note:I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs was written for my daughter, who was two when I wrote this story and didn’t like salad, but now she’s four and a half and loves it—if I give her plenty of salad dressing! (But don’t worry—this isn’t a book about eating salad.) Of course birds, cats, and dogs have a very different idea of what's good to eat, but through this fun adventure, Lisbon learns there is also food meant just for her—and it's good, especially compared with all the offerings from her animal friends.My daughter and I privately call this book the "Ice Cream Story" (she LOVES ice cream so there had to be ice cream involved), and now whenever something funny happens, she says, "We should write a new ice cream story about that."And we have! I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs is the first book in a series called Lisbon’s Misadventures. Book 2, I Don't Want to Have Hot Toes, is now available, and Tim Petersen is hard at work creating the illustrations for the next two books. Tim is obviously a fabulous artist, and I’m excited to be working with him. You can sign up on my website to learn when the next book comes out (http://teylarachelbranton.com/). Thank you and enjoy!
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    Mercy Watson to the Rescue

    Kate DiCamillo, Chris Van Dusen

    eBook (Candlewick Press, Oct. 8, 2013)
    The first adventure of this NEW YORK TIMES best-selling porcine wonder is now available as an e-book. (Ages 6 - 8)To Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mercy is not just a pig – she's a porcine wonder. And to the portly and good-natured Mercy, the Watsons are an excellent source of buttered toast, not to mention that buttery-toasty feeling she gets when she snuggles into bed with them. This is not, however, so good for the Watsons' bed. BOOM! CRACK! As the bed and its occupants slowly sink through the floor, Mercy escapes in a flash – "to alert the fire department," her owners assure themselves. But could Mercy possibly have another emergency in mind – like a sudden craving for their neighbors' sugar cookies? Welcome to the wry and endearing world of Mercy Watson – an ebullient new character for early chapter-book readers in a series that's destined to be a classic.
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    Henrietta Hen In Trouble Again

    Ozgen Halil

    language (Ozgen Halil, Oct. 10, 2019)
    The problem with Henrietta Hen is she's not so gentle. She's loud and nosey and she has a habit of getting into trouble..A delightful tale about an eccentric Hen and her Goofy friend (Dotty Donkey) on a berry picking adventure, but they run into some trouble on the way. Will their friends come to their rescue?A real emphasis on friendships and caring for one another. A book full of fun and hilarious characters, just to mention some of them, there's the firefly-loving Frog, Stinky Pinky Pig who is looking for her wig and Mousey Mouse, who lives at the Well House. And we can't forget Fakey Fox, Henrietta's always-hungry arch nemesis.
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    All About Elephants

    Karen Darlington

    language (, Feb. 15, 2014)
    Does your child love elephants??Then this lively, fast-paced and informative book will enchant them! Filled with rich and vibrant photographs, it will appeal to children of all ages!Elephants are endlessly fascinating. Their distinctive shape, sleek beauty, and playfulness enchant kids and adults alike.In this book, you will learn:• How many muscles there are in an elephant’s trunk• Just how smart elephants are• That the ears of an African elephants are shaped like Africa • What sorts of games elephants like to play And much, much more
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    Funny Jokes for Kids: 100 Hilarious Jokes

    Uncle Amon

    eBook (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, Aug. 24, 2014)
    100 Funny Jokes for Kids 4-8 Years Old!Kids love jokes! Keep your children entertained and amused with this funny joke book for kids ages 4-8. There are jokes about animals, school, sports, knock knock jokes, and holiday jokes! Your child will love this hilarious joke book full of clean jokes for kids and children.This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Also available in paperback and audiobook formats!100 funny jokes for kidsExcellent for early and beginning readersLots of fun and entertainment for your childGreat for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloudSpecial Note: The illustrations in this book are optimized for a vivid and colorful experience in e-readers, tablets, phones, and computers!Jokes from this funny book...Q: What dinosaur loves pancakes?A: A tri-syrup-tops!HAHA!Q: What do you get if you cross a monster with a flea?A: Lots of very worried dogs!LOL!Q: Why was the principal worried?A: There were too many rulers in school!HAHA!Q: What did the coach scream to the snack machine?A: Give me my quarterback!100 Funny Jokes for Kids!The Funniest Jokes for Kids! (Clean Jokes for Children)Kids and children can practice their reading and joke telling skills with this funny joke book. Beginning and early readers can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.This funny joke book is full of funny jokes that will have you laughing for hours! This is one of the best joke collections in the world. These jokes about animals, school, sports, knock knock jokes, and holiday jokes will have you laughing for hours. These funny jokes are excellent for kids, children, teens, and adults. Early and beginner readers can practice reading aloud and learning.Scroll up and click 'buy' to get this hilarious joke book!
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    Me Tawk Funny: Shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 11

    Neil McFarlane

    language (, Feb. 10, 2015)
    How did Hector's dog start talking?Hector Dumble thinks he's dumb. When his dog Buster starts talking to him, Hector begins to think he's crazy too.Things become even stranger when Hector learns that his teacher Mr Weazel has a secret identity.How will Hector handle having a dog that can talk and a teacher who wants to take over the world?Find out in this shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 13.EXCERPTAs they were taking a short cut across the park, Buster suddenly stopped walking.“Come on, Buster,” said Hector. “Mom's waiting for us.”But Buster just stood there and started making some funny noises. It wasn't really a growl and it wasn't really a bark. It was like a cross between the two. A 'grark'. Then he coughed a bit and gave another grark.Hector looked at him curiously. “Buster, are you OK?”Buster looked at Hector, grarked again, and then he said, “Kay kay.”“Did you just say 'kay kay'?” Hector asked.“Nuh nuh,” said Buster. “Missa me kay kay.”“Huh?” Hector thought that the noises Buster was making were pretty weird.“Missay me ko kay,” said Buster.“Buster, are you trying to talk?” Hector said.Buster cleared his throat again and said, “Me say me OK.”So, thought Hector, all this studying and homework has finally made me go crazy. Now I think my dog can talk. “OK, Buster, let's go home. Mom will be worrying.”“Hokay Hector,” said Buster. Then he gave another grark, as if he were trying to clear his throat. “Me tawk funny.”“You sure do,” said Hector. “Come on.”FreeA perfect-length bedtime story - grab a copy today!tags: bedtime story, talking dog, talking animal, short stories for kids, short stories for children, bedtime stories for kids, funny bedtime story, kids ebook, children's ebook, kindle kids book, dog chapter books, animal chapter books
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    The Things I'm Grateful For: Cute Short Stories for Kids About Being Thankful and Grateful

    Arnie Lightning

    eBook (Hey Sup Bye Publishing, Oct. 12, 2015)
    Stories About Being Grateful!Gratitude and appreciation can make life wonderful. These five short stories are excellent for teaching your little one about being thankful for the things they have. Each story is beautifully crafted with morals and lessons about gratitude and includes just for fun activities. Kid tested. Parent approved!Book 1 of 4 in the Gratitude Series5 cute short stories for kidsJust for fun activities included for extra funFun and challenging maze puzzlesThese stories are fantastic for talking points about gratitude, bedtime stories, and reading aloud with friends and family!Story List and Activities:The Glad GameJust for Fun ActivityEveryday BlessingsJust for Fun ActivitySpecially DifferentJust for Fun ActivityTropical ThanksgivingA Special SundaeMaze 1Maze 2Maze 3Maze 4Maze 5Maze 6Maze 7Maze 8Best-Selling Children's Book Author, Arnie Lightning"It is my mission to create a positive and lasting change in the world through children's books. I promise to highly inspire you, entertain you, and most importantly.. Share the magic of imagination. I firmly believe it is our responsibility to be a positive role model for children. Don't be afraid to dream big. Those are the people that make a difference in the world."Arnie Lightning is a dreamer. He believes that everyone should dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true. Arnie enjoys writing, reading, doodling, and traveling. In his free time, he likes to play video games and run. Arnie lives in Mississippi where he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.Arnie is a creator and storyteller. He creates fun-filled and imaginative books for creative kids.Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!
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    The Bees

    DC Swain, Anna Bonita

    language (Cambridge Town Press, May 29, 2015)
    Down in the garden beyond the apple trees,is a fading blue hive, full of busy bees...Join the bees down in the garden on a day of fun, danger and adventure in this beautifully illustrated picture book.With a whimsical story and crisp, original illustrations, this is a story your children will want to read again and again.
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    Holiday Book Festival Grand Prize Winner! Off the Hook: A Christmas Ornament Adventure

    John Arvai III

    eBook (Light The Lamp Publishing, Nov. 13, 2016)
    Have you ever wondered why there are ornaments on your tree? Or why there is a star on top of your tree?Now those questions have answers!Set in a world where a Christmas tree's star is actually a secret transmitter used by Santa Claus to identify all the active Christmas homes throughout the world, Off the Hook follows two groups of ornaments from opposite sides of their tree who must learn to work together to find their missing star before Santa passes their family's house by! Written in the style of Disney storytelling (think "Toy Story on a tree"), Off the Hook is an exciting holiday adventure for the entire family to enjoy! Rejoice in this original Christmas tale as you dash through the thirty-five full page illustrations, unwrap the delightful cast of characters, and feast on the playful humor! Off the Hook will leave your stockings stuffed with a lesson on teamwork and your hearts filled with the spirit of Christmas!Add a little adventure to your holiday book collection this year with the multi-award winning, Off the Hook: A Christmas Ornament Adventure!Grand Prize Winner, Holiday Book Festival, 2017Winner, National Indie Excellence Awards, 2017Winner, Book Excellence Awards, 2019Winner, Independent Press Award, 2018Winner, Top Shelf Indie Book Awards, 2018Winner, LuckyCinda Book Contest, 2017Silver Medal Winner, Readers' Favorite International Book Contest, 2017Honorable Mention, Foreword INDIES Book Of The Year, 2016Honorable Mention, New Apple Book Awards, 2018Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Book Festival, 2017Honorable Mention, Hollywood Book Festival, 2017NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, 20175 Stars, Readers' Favorite, 2016If you like this book, be sure to check out John's other award-winning picture books called, The Good Mood Book and Neat Freaks! Learn more about the book, the screenplay, and the play @ offthehookbook.net!