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What is Readupedia?

Jan 20 2021 by readling 969 views

If you have a question about children's books or if you are in search of books to help with child tantrums or if you want to share your ideas about a children's book, then Readupedia is the right place for you!

We are here to solve all your problems about children's books!

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We are happy to announce that Readupedia is online!

Being the first month of the year, January is named after Janus, the double-faced god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames and endings in Roman mythology.

We expect to open doors to new possibilities and new beginnings for families with young readers with Readupedia’s debut in January 2021.

How Does Readupedia Work?


  • Readling Account

Readling App users can log in on Readupedia with existing Readling Account.

  • Social Media Accounts Logup

New users may log in easily with your Google/Facebook/Twitter/Apple/Amazon account.


  • Ask Questions / Share Experiences

Every user can ask questions or share reading experiences after login by clicking "How Can Readupedia Help You?".

When you ask a question, details are not mandatory but we highly recommend details about the questions. The more details you provide, the better others can help you.

  • Private Settings

Questions can be set as "private". If a question is set as private, then only users with the link will see this question.

  • Content Edit

You may add links, quotes, images and charts to your details. When you are adding an image, please make sure to click on "send it to the Server" before clicking on "OK".

Only posts with no replies can be edited.


  • Add Books

Add books you want to discuss to either questions or replies. All books will be automatically compiled into a booklist under this topic. One book can only be added ONCE for each post, which means if a book appears in the question, it cannot be added to the reply. However if the same book has to be mentioned again, you may always choose a different version of the book.


  • Tag Tree

Browse booklists by tags under tag tree at the right part of the page to find books you are looking for. If you don't find tags you are looking for. Please contact Admin at


  • Upvotes and Downvotes

Vote up for replies and books you like to make them shine and you can also downvote replies or posts too. Voting down will not show up in user's "Updates" in user's profile page.

Every user can vote up or down for all replies and books, including replies and books created by him/herself.

  • Rules

Only one vote will be collected.


  • User's Profile

Check out every user's updates in user's profile page and you may find your own profile page from the avatar on the top right corner.

  • Reading Log

For users with an account Readling App, your reading log will show up here.

Enjoy your rendezvous with books in Readupedia!