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One Book a Day - Hope for Winter: The True Story of A Remarkable Dolphin Friendship

Sep 28 2020 by readling 202 views

Today is Reading a Child a Book You Like Day, which celebrates the birthday of children's author, Kate Douglas Wiggin. There are many benefits of reading to children, such as the stimulation of early brain development, and the support in building of language, literacy, and social skills. It also helps foster positive relationships between parents and children.

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Today's story is about a fantastic animal, dolphin. The protagonists are two dolphins with abnormalities. Dolphin Winter was rescued from being tangled in a crab trap and transported to a aquarium. She did survive, but since her tail was so injured they had to remove her tail and replace it with a prosthetic. About 5 years later, rescuers found another sick dolphin and sent it to the same aquarium. The baby dolphin was extremely dehydrated and very near to death, but she finally made it and became the best friend of Winter. That's why she got her name, Hope. This is a true story about the stars of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

When in winter, as long as there is love, we still get hope. Never give up!

This inspiring book is written in simple text easy to understand, and includes facts about dolphins to help young children learn more about this animal.

Enjoy the great kids' non-fiction!


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