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Simon Cheshire

The Fangs of the Dragon

eBook (Piccadilly Press Feb. 25, 2008)
Three wise-cracking mysteries in one where YOU are the supersleuth!Saxby Smart, private detective, is back. Operating out of his garden shed, Saxby takes on cases brought to him by other pupils at his school, never failing to uncover a web of intrigue and deceit.In THE FANGS OF THE DRAGON, it is one of his teachers who needs his help. A recent spate of intrusions at a number of her pupils' homes has upset everyone. There is no sign of forced entry, in most cases nothing appears to be missing, and several times the homeowners were clearly seen at home. Saxby by careful deduction is able to solve the mystery. Can you see all the clues? The other two stories in his case files are - THE TOMB OF DEATH which involves skulduggery in the rare comic book market, and THE TREASURE OF DEAD MAN'S LANE which finds him searching an old house for hidden treasure of a very different kind.

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