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My Strong Mind: A story about developing Mental Strength

Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Niels van Hove

My Strong Mind: A story about developing Mental Strength

Paperback (Truebridges Media Nov. 1, 2017)

Kate is a sporty and happy girl. She does well at school and has many friends. But like every girl, she sometimes faces difficult situations at home or at school. Discover how Kate uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude.

Kate will face several situations where she applies a positive attitude to deal with her challenge. Amongst them are getting ready in time in the morning, doing cartwheels, standing in front of the whole class with show and tell and playing basketball.

Kate applies techniques like goals setting, positive self-talk, accept failure as learning, visualisation of a problem, breathing or mindfulness exercise, gratitude, and controlled distraction. These tips to build a strong mind in children are presented in an easy to read, fun and practical way.

It's a great book for children, especially those at primary school, to read under their own steam. Kate's story will open the door for children to commence building their own strong mind. This awareness and knowledge will enable children to participate in an open dialogue about the importance of mental strength and how to develop it.

This book aspires to educate children and parents about mental toughness and open a positive dialogue on the subject. Kate solves her every day problems with a positive attitude and hopefully will help 5-8 year old children do the same.

Mental Toughness is a combination of resilience, the curiosity and drive to grow yourself, and confidence in your own abilities and interactions with people. Research shows that Mental Toughness is a major contributor to well-being and performance for children and adults. Mental Toughness is a plastic personality trait and therefore can be developed.

Positive mindset series (Book 1)
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