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Look and Find: Disney Cars 2

Age 5-6

Disney Storybook Artists, Art Mawhinney

Look and Find: Disney Cars 2

Hardcover (Perseus April 15, 2011) , Act edition
Look and Find: Disney Cars 2 is a vividly illustrated book of eight highly detailed scenes adapted from the Disney-Pixar movie Cars 2. Kids search the scenes for Lightning McQueen, Mater, master agent Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, and dozens of other hidden characters and objects. The book is recommended for children ages 4 and older. Here is a brief look at each of the scenes in Look and Find: Disney Cars 2: Memorabilia from Lightning McQueen s racing past is hidden around the Wheel Well restaurant. Holley Shiftwell, Luigi, Finn McMissile, and more world-class cars are crammed into Miles Axelrod s World Grand Prix party in Tokyo. Downtown Tokyo is crowded with hidden signs, cars, and objects. Tomber s garage in Paris is teeming with tools and car parts. Uncle Topolino hosts a homecoming party for Luigi that s overflowing with party guests. Lemons and cars from Radiator Springs have caused a traffic jam in downtown London. Royal guards pack the plaza outside Buckingham Palace. Souvenirs abound in a scene from Radiator Springs.The book s final section challenges children to revisit the Look and Find scenes and find dozens of additional items. The sturdy hardcover binding stands up to repeated use.
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