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Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast

Age 5-6

Doug Chapman, Shannon Chapman

Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast

Hardcover (Explorers Are We Inc June 22, 2005) , 1 edition

Jasper's adventure continues in his second book!

Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast. As Jasper searches for his lost Little Girl, his travels now lead him through beautiful British Columbia. Along the way to the Pacific Ocean, Jasper explores Kelowna, Tofino, Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler, where he encounters monsters and whales, and even learns to surf! Join Jasper as he discovers friendship and fun on his.... Great Canadian Adventure.

Jasper's Great Canadian Adventure (Book 2)
0973390816 / 9780973390810
15.2 oz.
9.0 x 0.3 in.

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