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The Technology of World War II

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Age 11-14
Grade 6-9

Sean Sheehan

The Technology of World War II

Library Binding (Raintree Feb. 4, 2003)
World War II began with an impressive display of technological power as German Panzer divisions swept across France, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands, crushing the Allied defences. By the time the war drew to an end in 1946, the killing power of existing machines such as submarines and bombers was far more devastating. Meanwhile, the invention of completely new technologies such as radar and the atomic bomb had changed the face of international warfare and politics forever. So how did the war force the pace of scientific advancement? Why were some countries able to improve their technology during the course of the war while others lagged behind? Which inventions, if any, dictated the outcome of the war? What determined the success or failure of new technologies? The Technology of World War II examines the impact of scientific progress on the course and outcome of the war, and shows how new technologies resulted in destruction on an unprecedented scale.
The World Wars
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