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Colors: A Silly Slider Book

Age 2-4
Grade PK+

Accord Publishing

Colors: A Silly Slider Book

Board book (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel Sept. 6, 2011) , Ina Nov Br edition
Accord’s latest Silly Slider Book uses picture-changing sliders and plenty of critters to teach early learners about a rainbow of colors.

Following Accord's previous Silly Slider Book Numbers, Colors enables early readers to discover a rainbow of shades as little hands manipulate an interactive slider that moves up and down. Inside this sturdy board book, brightly colored animals transform as the sliders move, and each picture changes to reveal the name of a featured color. Red roosters, pink pigs, and orange tigers capture early readers' attention and make Colors a vibrantly fun and interactive way to learn.
Silly Slider Books
1449408311 / 9781449408312
19.2 oz.
6.6 x 0.6 in.

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