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Rosie Morgan

The Time Smugglers

eBook (Liscarret Creations July 17, 2014) , 2 edition
An adventure book for boys and girls. For children aged 9 - 14. Featuring: Time travel, King Arthur & Excalibur and a dragon.
A children's mystery book packed with action and adventure.

Arthur Penhaligon is a skateboarder (usually). He's also a Guardian, knighted by Excalibur.

It’s been a year since Arthur and his friends first met a shape-shifting cat and defeated a murderous rival intent on stealing Arthur’s birth-right.
But now, far below the Cornish hills, the deep magic is stirring again - summoning Arthur’s enemies to the contest for Cornwall’s crown.

It’s time to get back to the challenges of time-travel and the undeniable reality of myths and legends.

On a Cornish path a tiny, green-stone dragon stretches a claw.
In a churchyard a carved angel tests his wings.
And at sea an emerald-encrusted pocket watch chimes once… and slips through time.

Camelot is calling; Excalibur is waiting… and an epic world of magic, mystery and danger beckons.

A thrilling mystery and fantasy book with action & adventure. Ideal for teenagers and boys and girls aged 10 to 14.

‘Fast moving, dramatic and exciting.’ The International Rubery Book Award.

Shortlisted for the 2015 International Rubery Book Award;
Finalist in the 2014 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards;
Nominated for the 2015 Holyer an Gof Awards.

THE TIME SMUGGLERS is #2 in this epic fantasy adventure series.
It’s Arthurian - but not as you know it.

If you love a gripping adventure mystery, download your copy or buy your paperback version of THE TIME SMUGGLERS now. Just scroll to the top of the page and select BUY!

When I was about 10 -14 years old, I loved reading action & adventure stories and mysteries filled with magic. I used to haunt our local library, borrowing anything with a vaguely magical theme. It had to be well-written with a gripping story, action-filled and a page-turner. (My all-time favourite author? C.S.Lewis.) So the seeds were sown. One day I’d write books for 10 – 14 year olds too!

The next question: So is this book for boys or girls?
The answer: For both!
Boys and girls between the ages of 10-14, teens and preteens, have read and loved it; although lots of adults are enjoying it too.
If you love a fast-paced fantasy, then THE TIME SMUGGLERS, #2 THE CAMELOT INHERITANCE series could be right for you.
I'd be delighted to know what you think of it, so do leave a review on here if you liked it.

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Rosie Morgan writes mystery, fantasy books for 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 year olds.
They are filled with action & adventure, as well as being magic & fantasy stories with a dash of time travel.
The books are perfect if you’re looking for teenage adventure books for girls or teenage adventure books for boys. They’re also good if you want books for boys 11-14, or children’s books age 9 – 11.

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