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Lazy Jack
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Tony Ross
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Andersen Press
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Age 3+
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Tony Ross

Lazy Jack

Paperback (Andersen Press Aug. 1, 2002) , Reprint edition
A mournful princess sits at her castle window. Meanwhile, Jack, probably the laziest person in the world, is sent out to work by his mother. On his first day he is paid a shiny coin, but he drops it on the way home. "You should have put it in your jacket pocket!" cries his mother. So the next day, having worked for a dairyman, he pours the jug of milk he is given in payment into his jacket pocket! In fact, he always follows his mother's most recent advice when bringing home his day's earnings, and it results in the most ridiculous scenarios. But carrying home the donkey makes the mournful princess laugh, and that really is a good thing!
1842701665 / 9781842701669
4.2 oz.
7.8 x 0.1 in.

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