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Michael Gordon

The Big Boy Potty:

eBook ( July 18, 2019)
Done with diapers?

* Help your kids make the first steps to mastering the potty
*Learning how to use potty takes time—and that's okay!
* Toddler-friendly story that helps to ease the potty training
* Teach kids that the potty is for “big kids like you”
* Using the potty means more independence (and more time to play!)

Relatable story to teach "choosing" to use the potty
“The book has a really fun design and illustrations. My boys love it!” - Maria
“ This is a fun story to introduce the idea of going to the bathroom.“ - Julie

This children's book will inspire and help little ones
“ My 3-year old grandson likes to read while sitting on potty “ - Katie
“Love it! Great for toddlers!” - Janssen

* Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story
* Not too long, grabs childrens attention

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