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D W Davis

River Dream: A Novel

Paperback (River Sailor Literary April 20, 2011)
The beach, the pier, and a sailboat - three places where best friends, Michael and Rhiannon, spend most of their time. Rhiannon and sailing are Mike's two greatest loves. Sailing's the one thing he can always count on. Rhiannon's the one he can count on to keep him confused. Michael's loved Rhiannon since they were kids, but she has rules against dating her best friend. Rhiannon loves Michael but won't let herself show it. Then, as high school begins, the new girl in town sets her sites on Mike. What will Rhiannon's rules cost her, and will she ever get to show Michael she really does love him, too?
0983355614 / 9780983355618
8.6 oz.
5.25 x 0.53 in.

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