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David Pitt

The Big Bang Book

Hardcover (Andre Deutsch Ltd Dec. 30, 2004)
Big Bang is the CiTV series that makes science fun. Project by project, the programme's energetic presenters Gareth and Violet create amazing toys and games from everyday objects found around the home and at the same time provide the perfect introduction to the basic principles of science. Published to coincide with the sixth series. The Big Bang Book takes around 30 of the very best makes from the all six series and gives each project, step by step. There are toys and games: from a Unicycle Skeleton to make through the Alien Abduction game, to Tiddlywink Battleships and all you need to know to make your very own Halloons - a helicopter powered by a balloon. Party Time brings Floaty Balloons and Shrunken Apple Heads, and there are Musical Makes giving instructions on creating Musical Pigs, Bongo Boo Bams and even a Zither. And there are even the best tricks from the show that will have friends and family scratching their heads. Each project features specially commissioned step by step photography and easy to follow instructions so that the child can work alone on each make. full of the fantastic ideas that make The Big Bang the success it is, making it an ingeniously easy way to learn about science
0233999493 / 9780233999494
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