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What Happens When Someone Has Autism?

Age 8-12
Grade 4+

Katie Kawa

What Happens When Someone Has Autism?

Library Binding (KidHaven Publishing Dec. 15, 2019) , 1 edition
Autism doesn't have one simple definition. It covers a spectrum of symptoms, which is why many people now call it autism spectrum disorder, as it affects people in many different ways. Many young people know someone with autism or are personally living with autism spectrum disorder, and they can benefit in important ways from this comprehensive look at life with autism. Presented alongside sidebars, diagrams, graphic organizers, and full-color photographs, the educational and empathetic narrative encourages readers to understand the challenges those with autism face while also looking to the future with hope.
The KidHaven Health Library
153453248X / 9781534532489
12.6 oz.
8.5 x 0.3 in.

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