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The Evil Sweater and Other Stories

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Lisa Adams

The Evil Sweater and Other Stories

Paperback (Pixie Ears Press Jan. 17, 2013)
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD A SWEATER SCREAM? I bet you haven’t. Meet Stan, a totally rotten sweater who will stop at nothing to destroy the other clothes in his owner’s closet and become the only garment she will ever wear. Can a gutsy sweater named Naomi defeat Stan and rescue her fellow clothes from his yarny oppression? In this incredibly silly book, you will also meet a spaceship named Chachimiwhizzle, a baseball team with a lot of “fowl” balls, a snot-nosed vampire, a trash-talking ukulele, and many more of the goofiest things you’ve ever heard.
1939157048 / 9781939157041
7.7 oz.
5.5 x 0.3 in.

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