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The Secret to Igor's Success

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Age 5-6

Alison Inches

The Secret to Igor's Success

Paperback (Simon Spotlight Aug. 26, 2008)
Igor Movie Novelization: In this hilarious and offbeat tale, Igor, the hunch-backed lab assistant of an Evil Scientist from the Kingdom of Malaria, dreams of winning first place in the annual Evil Science Fair and becoming a scientist himself. Igor has some top-secret plans for an evil invention of his own, and through an unexpected twist of fate finally gets his chance to realize his dreams. But instead of creating something evil, he ends up with Eva, a giant, lovable creature who literally cannot hurt a fly, and whose only dream is to become an actress. With just a few days left before the fair, he must find a way to trick her into acting evil. But as Igor’s ambition carries him further and further away, it is ultimately up to his best friends, Scamper and Brain, to help him stay true to himself. Based on the upcoming CGI-animated comedy, Igor, this 128-page novelization features 8 pages of full-color movie photos!

I Am Eva! Meet Eva: the giant, lovable creation of Igor, and the hottest new star in Malaria! Follow along as she tells her side of the story, from her rehearsal for a role in Annie, to her discovery of the truth about the audition, to how her dreams of becoming an actress finally came true. This full-color, Level 2 Ready-to-Read is sure to delight young Igor fans and aspiring stars alike!

More Than an Igor : Igor may be a lowly, hunch-backed lab assistant, but he has big dreams of becoming an Evil Scientist himself one day. In this easy-to-follow reader, he tells the story of how he made these dreams come true, changing the lives of all in Malaria, and proving to everyone that he truly is more than an Igor. This full-color, Level 2 Ready-to-Read is perfect for young readers between the ages of 5 and 7.

The Official 51st Annual Evil Science Fair Program: Fans of Evil Science will go nuts for The Official 51st Annual Evil Science Fair Program! Behold the juicy statistics, destructive details, and infamous history behind all the Evil Scientist contestants and their hideously Evil inventions! Get the dish on their Igors, their girlfriends, and their deep, dark, Evil secrets -it’s all inside this limited collector’s edition!

The Secret to Igor Success: In The Secret to Igor's Success, Igor's best friends Scamper and Brain enjoy sharing the spotlight--now that Igor has made it big as a not-so-evil scientist. In separate interviews with Malaria’s favorite TV host, Carl Cristall, Scamper and Brain each tell the story of how they were the real magic behind Igor’s success. This exciting 8 x 8 features two delicious stories in one: check out Carl's interview with Scamper on the front side and then flip the book over and check out what Brain has to say! Fans of Igor's favorite sidekicks will really get a kick out of this book!

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