Crystal Cattabriga

In His Honor

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform April 29, 2013)
The promise he will keep. The courage he will have. The decision that will change his life. After God answered Bobby's prayers when he was just 13, he's made sure never to forget how blessed he really is and who deserves all the glory. It been six years now and Bobby's grown up to be a fine man. His life is full of love, and his faith is stronger than ever. With his Mother and Tony getting married and his Uncle Johnny finally retired from the army, life is just perfect,or is it? Bobby somehow feels there's something missing. He vowed that for the rest of his life, he'd somehow pay it forward for everything that has been blessed upon him and his family. Not knowing exactly what it is, he turns to God asking Him for guidance. Just months before Bobby's mother is to marry Tony, he tells her he want to serve his country by joining the army and following in his uncle's footsteps. Afraid of losing her only son, she tries to convince him to stay, but he feels this is what he needs to do. Realizing Bobby's not about to change his mind, she does the only thing a mother can do, support his decision. On the day Bobby is about to head off, someone comes into his life. What will this mean for Bobby? Will he follow his heart or his gut? Will he finally get answers to the questions he's wanted? Will Bobby make it back in time for his mother's wedding? Find out how Bobby's life is about to change once again.
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5.2 x 0.6 in.

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