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I Love You Always and Forever

Age 2-3

Jonathan Emmett, Daniel Howarth

I Love You Always and Forever

Board book (Cartwheel Books Dec. 1, 2010)
An endearing story of love between a father and daughter mouse--now in board book!

This adorable tale is now available in a board book format!

Littletail loves playing tag with her father, but Longtail is always faster. Littletail adores hide-and-seek, but Longtail always finds her. At least when they play follow the leader, Littletail can always squeeze into the smallest spaces!

Longtail tells Littletail that he won't be faster, cleverer, and bigger than her forever. At the end of a busy day of games, Longtail tucks Littletail into their nest and reminds her of the one thing that will stay the same--always and forever--and that's his love for her.
0545209587 / 9780545209588
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