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Age 7+
Grade 2-3

Clint Twist

Our Solar System

Board book (B.E.S. Publishing Oct. 1, 2004)
Six board books in this colorful set, all shaped to resemble the Sun and its planets, explain the solar system in pictures and text that will appeal to kids. The books in this set, all subtitled Little Book of Facts are as follows—
  • Mars
  • Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
  • Saturn & Jupiter
  • Our Sun
  • Venus & Mercury
  • Earth & Moon
The books are handsomely packaged in recessed spaces inside a sturdy cardboard box. The box features additional colorful illustrations of its own on its bottom panel and inside cover, plus a pair of sturdy snaps to keep the lid shut when it�s time for kids to put their books away. The fact books are filled with interesting information. For instance, open the book on Mars and discover that its average temperature is below freezing, and that it�s only about half the size of Earth. Or open the book on the Sun and learn that it�s more than 90 million miles away from us on Earth. Kids discover the rings around some planets, the most spectacular of them being around Saturn. They also learn about the moons that orbit many planets other than our own. Here�s a wonderful introduction to astronomy for boys and girls, and an invitation for them to go outside and study the night sky.
0764177869 / 9780764177866
22.4 oz.
9.0 x 1.2 in.

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