Age 4-7
Grade PK-3

Helen Lester, Lynn Munsinger

The Loch Mess Monster

Hardcover (HMH Books for Young Readers March 25, 2014)
Ever since Angus was a wee baby monster, living below the surface of Loch Ness, his parents tried to teach him to be a proper monster. But as Angus grows bigger, he gets sloppy. Puggy-nit shells (peanuts) are piling up; his grottie (dirty) laundry is in a heap; tatties (potatoes) litter the floor. It’s a mountain of a mess! And as Angus’s trash heap grows, pushing him away from the comforts of home, a surprising Loch Ness sighting of his own awaits on the surface of the lake.... Fans of Hooway for Wodney Wat and Tacky the Penguin will laugh-out-loud, as the hilarious team of Lester and Munsinger share a rollicking reminder of the virtues of a clean room!
0544099907 / 9780544099906
11.2 oz.
8.2 x 0.4 in.

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