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Jeff Ripple

Sea Turtles of the World

Paperback (Voyageur Press May 13, 1996)
Millions of sea turtles once roamed the earth’s oceans. Within the past five centuries, trade in sea turtle meat, eggs, shells, oil, and leather has driven almost every species to the brink of extinction. Explore the world of the sea turtle in this engaging book. Learn their general characteristics, how they navigate underwater, who their predators are, what human threats exist, and where conservation efforts are being made worldwide. Jeff Ripple profiles every species of sea turtle from the loggerhead to the leatherback. More than 60 breath-taking photographs capture these fascinating creatures underwater and on land.
Worldlife Library
0896583155 / 9780896583153
14.4 oz.
10.0 x 0.3 in.

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