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Grade 3-4

Gareth Stevens Publishing

Geek Out!

Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub Aug. 15, 2019)
There's nothing shameful about being called a nerd or a geek today. In fact, nerds and geeks own the term with pride, boldly showcasing their deep love for writing fan fiction, collecting and reading comics, or dressing in the steampunk style. In the continuation of our unique and popular series, these books encourage readers to find their niche, whether that be at a Renaissance Fair or a convention. Age-appropriate content specifically focuses on parts of these geeky interests that readers can take part in today and guides them through the incredible, fun worlds geeks will truly enjoy. Features include: Authentic photographs to draw readers into these worlds. Inclusive for readers new to the title concepts and those hoping to pursuing their interests further. Offers practical advice and action steps.
Geek Out! (Book 2)
1538241625 / 9781538241622
78.4 oz.
9.0 x 1.7 in.

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