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An Introduction to Ice Fishing

Frank R. Richards

An Introduction to Ice Fishing

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform July 25, 2014)

Frank R. Richards first ice fished when he was in his thirties, and he’s been doing it ever since. Three decades later, he’s compiled his experiences into an easy-to-read introduction to ice fishing techniques, clothing, locations, and safety. Learn about finding fish under the ice with depth maps. Find out the best way to use tip ups, how to jig, and choose shelters. Enjoy the vibrant color photography peppered throughout the guide that illustrates, instructs, and inspires you to get out onto the ice.

Being prepared is essential to enjoying the experience. Read Richards’s advice on how to organize gear and transport the necessary equipment to the fishing grounds. Capitalize on his experience with tips, such as choosing fishing locations close to home, which makes the excursion much easier and allows you to spend more time fishing than driving.

Whether you have been at it a while, are a beginner, or are just considering trying it, this how-to guide will help you have a higher quality experience and be able to enjoy the peace and relaxation that ice fishing provides. Once you finish the book, it’ll be time to catch some fish!

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