Jules Verne

Two Years' Vacation

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform April 3, 2013)
Volume 32 of 54 of Jules Verne's "Extraordinary Voyages", first printed in 1888. A number of young boys are cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean, with no supplies or expertise among them. They learn to band together for their common survival, and attempt to reach salvation in the wide ocean. This particular edition is reproduced from English-edition public works, and is presented simply with an emphasis on straightforward presentation, attractiveness and continuity of appearance, with each title in the "Extraordinary Voyages" sporting a journal-style brown cover accompanied by a cover illustration and quote from the text on the back cover.
1482723492 / 9781482723496
10.7 oz.
6.0 x 0.4 in.

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