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The Transformation of Poppy Gale

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Emily King

The Transformation of Poppy Gale

language (Madmarch Press July 20, 2016)
Westchester County, New York - 1995. Poppy Gale is a student at a prestigious private college in the suburbs of New York City. She is alone and in many ways lonely, until a chance encounter with the girl who shares her bathroom changes her life forever.

Rita occupies the room next door. Poppy thinks she's glamorous but a bit sad, and she is immediately drawn to her. Rita is a witch, and teaches Poppy about magic. Together, the two discover the depth of Poppy's power, and what she's capable of.

Tragedy strikes, and Poppy travels to Glasgow, Scotland, to escape her life and finish her degree. There she meets Christian, a musician who quickly becomes Poppy's first love. Their relationship disintegrates, and Christian becomes the frontman for a suspiciously influential Christian rock band, Dominick and the Final Days.

Cameron enters the story, and changes everything.

Cameron is a young man without a past. He is an empath with only one feeling of his own - anger. He winds up in an asylum with crowds of angry people outside the gates. If only he could remember what he has done.

Cameron and Poppy cross paths in a remarkable, unexpected way. They both become embroiled in one man’s deranged plans for gaining power in a world of chaos, and they are the only ones who can stop the coming holy war.

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