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Kimberly Loth

Destroyer Angel

(Independently published Dec. 28, 2018)
Naomi had a devastating choice to make….And she chose wrong.At least, that’s how it feels back in Arkansas with Kai. She tries to remind herself that she had reasons for this choice, good ones. But as the darkness inside of her grows, she begins to doubt that she’ll ever be able to feel the light again. Especially with Kai embracing his role as the Master Destroyer.Destroyers start killing Guardians. Everyone thinks that Kai is the only one who can stop it. But Naomi knows better—she alone can end it all.But how?Buy now to learn if Naomi ever finds out or if she has to watch more friends die....This title previously released as Destroyed: The Thorn Chronicles Book 2
The Thorn Chronicles (Book 2)
1792832184 / 9781792832185
13.3 oz.
5.5 x 0.6 in.

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