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The Iron Age
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Emily Bone
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Age 9-12

Emily Bone

The Iron Age

Hardcover (USBORNE CAT ANG Oct. 15, 2015)

The Usborne Beginners series is a great introduction to non-fiction for young readers. Each book is packed with brilliant photographs and illustrations, and simple, bite-sized chunks of text. This book will show what life was like in the Iron Age - where people lived and how they grew food, what clothes they wore, what they believed in and how they defended themselves. It also covers how they made iron and shaped it into tools, weapons and many other things. Internet links via Usborne Quicklinks allow readers to discover more online, through quizzes, games, interactive maps and videos.

1409586421 / 9781409586425
5.6 oz.
6.3 x 0.3 in.

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