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Carrie Banks


language ( July 2, 2019)
Tessa: When you spend your life believing your average...and no one special it's thrilling when the damaged prince wants you to be his. But am I really different from the other girls who came before me? His kiss is hotter than the Fourth of July. His touch burns. But am I strong enough to help him fight his demons especially when I need to face my own? All I know is his kiss is either the sweetest poison or my saving grace.
Hell, it's probably both.

Ryan: I knew I'd find her. I come from a powerful family. Connections are everything. When she sees me...she's either going to slap my face or give me the kiss that's been haunting me for weeks. One taste wasn't enough, hell a million kisses won't be either.

Note: This is book two in the Sea Crest Series and the series needs to be read in order. Crush is the first book. Secrets, book three, is out now.

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