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Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book

Age 3-8
Grade PK-3

Janet Lawler, Yoojin Kim, Lindsay Dale-Scott

Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book

Hardcover (Jumping Jack Press Sept. 1, 2017) , Pop edition
Readers of all ages will enjoy the timeless wonder of autumn leaves in this amazing new pop-up book from paper engineer Yoojin Kim―her first―teamed with award-winning author Janet Lawler and artist Lindsay Dale-Scott. This book, which can be considered a seasonal companion with Jumping Jack Press’ all-time best seller and award winning, Snowflakes, includes amazing pop-ups, educational information, and delightful interactive elements that offer change and surprise on every page in this lyrical look at Autumn.
4 Seasons of Pop-Up
9781623484 / 9781623484583
19.2 oz.
9.0 x 1.8 in.

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