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Mark Forrest

The Haunted Mansion

language (Ministry Of Anxiety March 28, 2014) , 1 edition
The year is 1860. Charlotte lives with her parents in the shadow of their only possession, the Entwhistle Mansion, a huge building doomed to crumble and rot as it is overflowing with hundreds of ghosts, spirits and phantoms.
Armed only with the book “The Scientific Analysis of Ghosts, Beasties and Bogles” by the renowned ghost hunter A.E.Cronin, Charlotte decides to rid the mansion of its occupants, so allowing her mother and father to sell the cursed building. But once inside she finds far more than just a few unfortunate spirits.
With every room haunted, a mad scientist, a giant spider and a crazed monster stalking the corridors, Charlotte’s courage will be tested to breaking point. Yet aided by the strangest ghost hunting colleague ever, she just might have a chance of completing her mission and escaping the mansion with her life.
Filled with thrills, scares and a fair amount of hot chocolate, are you brave enough to enter the Entwhistle Mansion?