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Dive! A Book About Sea Creatures

Age 9-12
Grade 1-2

Melvin Berger

Dive! A Book About Sea Creatures

Paperback (Scholastic en Espanol Feb. 1, 2002) , Translation edition
How giant is the giant squid? How do fish see in the darkness of the ocean floor? These questions and more are answered in this non-fiction book filled with spectacular color photographs.Did you know that an octopus can grow a new arm if it loses one? Or that the giant squid can grow longer than a city bus? Written by renowned non-fiction author Melvin Berger, this Hello Reader! Science book provides fascinating information and fun facts about these remarkable creatures of the deep. From glowing angler fish to big-mouthed gulper eels, each spread features brilliant, full-color photographs. The accessible text and fabulous photos combine to make this a perfect introduction to a mysterious underwater world.
Hello Reader, Science
0439317320 / 9780439317320
3.0 oz.
6.0 x 0.2 in.

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