Age 5-12
Grade K-6

Barbara Shaw McKinney, Michael S. Maydak

A Drop Around the World

Paperback (Dawn Publications March 1, 1998) , Illustrated Edition

This beautifully illustrated book is soon to be a classic that parents, teachers, and kids will all want! Readers travel the globe following a drop of water on its journey through the water cycle. The seamless blending of science and story make learning fun, and readers will be inspired to appreciate the world around us!

Follow a drop of water on its natural voyage around the world, in clouds, as ice and snow, underground, in the sea, piped from a reservoir, in plants and even in an animal. The science of the water cycle and poetic verse come together and leave readers with a sense of connection to all living creatures.

Great for anyone looking for books:
  • about the water cycle and clouds for kids.
  • to give as a gift for the kids in their life.
  • as home schooling materials.
  • for use in schools and libraries!
  • ISBN
    1883220726 / 9781883220723
    5.8 oz.
    9.0 x 1.5 in.