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Grin and Bear It: The Wit & Wisdom of Corduroy

Age 5-9
Grade K-4

Don Freeman

Grin and Bear It: The Wit & Wisdom of Corduroy

Hardcover (Viking Books for Young Readers March 27, 2018)
Adventurous, imaginative, and always optimistic, Corduroy offers up wit and wisdom that will bring a little bit of sunshine to readers of all ages.

Never forget who you are—and never forget who loves you.

There's always a good reason to party!

There’s no such thing as being too grown-up for a teddy bear.

Since Corduroy’s first publication in 1968, this adventuresome stuffed animal has been delighting readers of all ages. Now America’s favorite teddy bear is here to share with you fifty years of his accumulated wit and wisdom, all in one adorable little book. Charming and inspirational, this is the perfect gift for graduation, or any other occasion when you might need a little confidence boost.
0451479297 / 9780451479297
7.4 oz.
5.4 x 0.4 in.

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