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The Franklin Fi: A Personal Finance Adventure for Next Generation Investors

Shane Dillon

The Franklin Fi: A Personal Finance Adventure for Next Generation Investors

language ( April 11, 2019)
The Franklin Fi is a must-read for anyone that has ever wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market but has been too intimidated to take the first step. It is a personal finance novel for young adults and beginning investors.

Author Shane Dillon wrote The Franklin Fi Series while bicycling across Europe, laying the groundwork in Spain and reaching the conclusion near the Black Sea in Romania. Shane Dillon has a degree in finance from the University of Missouri and twenty years of stock market experience. He hopes this story of financial freedom will inspire the next generation of bike-riding, yoga-loving, world travelers to go further and delve deeper.

The Franklin Fi is a riotous story about four high schoolers learning to invest in the stock market. The friends learn the hard way as they get their first jobs and begin to save for their futures. This is the first installment of the series and sets the stage for the friends as they venture onto Wall Street.

Why is personal finance not taught to young adults in high school and universities?

The basis of The Franklin Fi is to provide upstart youth with their first personal finance lesson. Shane Dillon’s aim is to demystify personal finance and provide a crash course towards achieving financial freedom.

This book teaches the basics of the stock market and depicts four distinct investment styles in the personalities of the main characters.

Join Franklin Fi and his band of misfits as they learn about:

- A Beginner’s Investment Strategy
- Stocks, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Penny Stocks
- Personal Profit and Loss Statement
- The pros and cons of a four-year university, community college, and a trade school
- Opening an Investment Account
- Value Investing vs. Growth Investing
- How to get your first job
- The Power of Compounding Interest
- Dollar-Cost Averaging
- Tracking a Savings Rate

The book makes for a great gift for high school and college students, along with other beginning investors.