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Carmen Caine

The Egg

(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform July 27, 2014)
What if humans were more powerful than they thought? What if an alien race had a reason to keep humanity entrenched in fear? And what if ancient beings that we've met before were still trying to protect us? And just what if the fate of Earth depended upon an average 17-year-old girl with a few secrets of her own? Would she discover that the power of love was truly the strongest of all? In the final book of the series, Sydney faces her Blue Thread of Fate and must make a choice if Rafael and Jareth are to survive. But what if it is an inner demon she’s not expecting? Can she truly understand the many shades of love?
The Glass Wall (Book 4)
1500451029 / 9781500451028
17.6 oz.
6.0 x 0.7 in.

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