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Shelley Tanaka

Climate Change

Hardcover (Groundwood Books Aug. 18, 2006)
Climate change has been called the single greatest threat facing the planet, but there is little consensus about how to deal with it. The problem is vast, the science complex, and the economic, political, and social implications of taking action are immense. It is an issue of particular importance to young adults, who will inherit the consequences created by today’s policy makers. This book addresses the key questions surrounding this issue: What is the basic science behind climate change? Why is it difficult for people to accept what is going on? What is going to happen in the future, and what can be done about it? Perhaps most importantly, the book acknowledges that the issue involves much more than agreeing on the underlying science. Climate change is an emotionally charged political and philosophical issue as well — one that affects how governments and industry form policy, the choices people make in their daily lives, and the kind of world that awaits future generations.
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