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Lucky Day: An I Hunt Killers Novella

Barry Lyga

Lucky Day: An I Hunt Killers Novella

language (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers April 1, 2014)
This is the story of the small town sheriff who captured one of the world's most ruthless and cunning murderers. A prequel to the New York Times bestselling thriller, I Hunt Killers.

It all started with Dead Girl #1 and Dead Girl #2, the first killings in the sleepy town of Lobo's Nod in decades. Two murders: just a coincidence, or something more sinister? One thing's for sure--it was definitely inconvenient in a year when Sheriff G. William Tanner, a mourning widower, had to run for reelection.

With a trail gone cold, it's only luck that links the murders to the most notorious serial killer in memory. And in a town like Lobo's Nod, the killer must be someone Tanner already knows....

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