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Raymond M Hall

The Water Maiden

language ( Jan. 25, 2016)

Plummeting through time!

Abigail is about to meet herself in the past. In an instant, she is trapped in the sixteen hundreds, forced to cope with life in a totally different time.

She quickly learns that in order to survive, she has to use all her developing womanly wiles. She needs a husband, because in this era, without the protection of a man, women have very few options. Four sisters, from her village and suspected witches, help in her endeavours.

Several romances cross her path, and she takes every advantage they offer to better herself until meeting the love of her life, Jacob.

Will Abigail survive in this torturous era, or will she seek a way to return to the comfortable life she left behind so dramatically?

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What verified Amazon readers are saying about The WaterMaiden:

  • Chilling — Interesting concept, kept me glued to every page!
  • Great supernatural novel - Bewitching!
  • Romantic supernatural journey into the past.
  • Exciting, cinematic and a lot of fun.

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