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Age 8-12
Grade 3-6

Elizabeth Goudge

Linnets and Valerians

Paperback (David R. Godine, Publisher July 7, 2015) , Reprint Edition

One of England's best-loved children's book writers spins a magical adventure with animals, magic, and danger.

When Nan, Robert, Timothy, and Betsy's father went off to explore in Egypt, he left the children with their grandmother who lived in the English countryside. Unfortunately she did not much like children, much less their dog, Absalom. So the children ran away to stay with their Uncle Ambrose, an eccentric, strict, and loveable retired school teacher who was determined to give them an Education, but in addition to Greek, Latin, and Literature, the Linnet children learned much more ― about nature and magic, the power of the past and Pan, and, of course, the importance of the bees. They used their knowledge to find the lost Valerians, undo some very wicked, ancient spells, and reunite a divided family.

This is a story filled with Elizabeth Goudge's trademark mixture of realism and magic ― and like her classic The Little White Horse (adored by J. K. Rowling) it is set in Devon and inspired by its folklore and legends. A wonderful chapter book for fantasy-loving independent readers.

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